Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aggregated Link List

This is a compiled link list for those folks who desire it. I did this for the awesome folks in a class I took. Thanks to Noah, Alan and Jarrod for their contributions

CACE Technologies - AirPcap
Create a passive network tap for your home network « :wq
w32tm info
configuring windows time service
HOWTO: Leverage Group Policies with WMI Filters
Windows Time Service and Resulting Internet Communication in Windows Server 2008
Command-line reference A-Z: Scripting; Management Services
Windows Server 2008 Tips
TechNet Virtual Labs: Windows Server 2008 Knowledge Base Alerts
Step-by-Step Guide to Bulk Import and Export to Active Directory
Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2
Memory Management - Understanding Pool Resources
Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team
Ask the Directory Services Team
SANS: Computer Security Training, Network Security Research, InfoSec Resources
Free Windows Management Software Tools by Quest Software
Active Directory Topology Diagrammer ADTD
Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the Group Policy Feature Set
Technical Reference for Windows Server 2008
Free Ebook: Mastering SQL Server 2005 Profiler
Customizing Windows Security Templates
Troubleshooting Group Policy Client-Side Extension Behavior
Information about new Group Policy preferences in Windows Server 2008
Splunk | IT Search for Log Management, Operations, Security and Compliance: "Business Needs Real-time IT"
Nagios - The Industry Standard in IT Infrastructure Monitoring
Groundwork Monitor Community Edition | Download Groundwork Monitor Community Edition software for free at
Creating a DNS Infrastructure Design
Error message when you try to access a server locally by using its FQDN or its CNAME alias after you install Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1: Access denied" or No network provider accepted the given network path
Connecting to SMB share on a Windows 2000-based computer or a Windows Server 2003-based computer may not work with an alias name
DNS Stub Zones in Windows Server 2003
Troubleshooting File Replication Service
Understanding SRV Records
Understanding DNS SRV records and SIP
How to verify that SRV DNS records have been created for a domain controller
Service Connection Points (SCPs) and ADAM/AD LDS
Understanding aging and scavenging: Domain Name System(DNS)


  1. For those who are curious about the desktop wallpaper on the lab systems showing system name, CPU info, RAM, etc., I’m pretty sure it’s BgInfo from Sysinternals.

  2. Absolutely Alan. actually if you aren't familiar with any of their tools you should take a look at them.

    the whole suite is here: Sysinternals Suite