Monday, May 24, 2010

Remember the good old days?

Sure most of us start out as helpdesk engineers. I believe its the easiest way to root out complete tools that are only around to collect a check and have no life desires... Which had me reminiscing about the good old days.

I remember when I had to tell users that it was the right mouse button otherwise secretly known as the right-click. Nowadays people have gotten passed that, but a new level of DFUs have emerged. Now it's explaining which backslash to use, forgive me I never knew there were two backslashes? I always thought there were two distinctly different slashes One (shhh don't tell anyone) is the backslash, you know the one above the enter key and has been there for YEARS. Then there is it's lonesome relative the forward slash (it's that one below the question mark)...

When did all the sudden did people decide this was gonna be the next big thing in dumb user etiquette.

Yoda does Helpdesk?

actual ticket resolution comments:

Call user, Problem fix

So is there a problem or not?

Went up and checked the PCs they were running a little slow while I was there. She assured me that it was fast compared to earlier. Called XXX and he checked the Citrix servers etc... and all was good. He will check again in the morning and get with network group if need be.

Just hit the server

Oh, I just got a chuckle out of this today.

an Actual ticket entry, I wonder how many times they needed to hit the server.

User hit server 02 3 times and then I did an application refresh and had her try again, hit server 03, still unable to print. She said that everytime I killed her session, she was getting an error/warning message about invalid statement handled, and then it goes away, she has not seen that before.

Aaah My Ears

Gotta love the man, he cusses so damn much that he can make sailors blush. Oh wait he is a sailor... Guess he makes other sailors blush :)

All seriousness, he's a good guy and a staple in keeping me somewhat sane.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Insanity in home or I live my wife

Any one with kids knows how they way on your perfect state of mind (LOL yea, right) but I think my wife has lost it. I love her and always will, even after the peek-a-boo with towels, shirts and baby clothes, and the tickle getcha getcha getchas. She treats me better than I deserve sometimes. I'm very good at open mouth, insert foot and chew.

Cleanup your mess!

Random connectivity issues... Man can DNS can be a pain, shouldn't it be the first thing you check? takes 5 to 10 mins, looking for some stale gc, ns, or invalid DC locater records. Think that might cause some interesting authentication problems? Mmmm, I think so... and it all boiled down to a failed SBS migration that nobody mentioned till it I started asking did blah blah...

Not to mention a corrupted gpo and the security permissions associated with it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

gotta be a better way...

So I'm starting to learn powershell by the seat of my pants and my trusty friend google. All I was trying to go was get the file versions to verify a hotfix was installed.

Doing it this way I had to do some replace string in the results of fullnames. without it, it parsed out looking like {@fullname=\\blah\C$\windows\system32} causing the fileversion to fail.

Got a better idea, post it and let me know...

$a = Get-childitem -path "\\SomServer\C$\windows\system32" -recurse -include "Afd.sys","Dns.exe","Dnsperf.dll","Dnsperf.h","Dnsperf.ini","Mswsock.dll","Tcpip.sys","Tcpip6.sys","W03a3409.dll"|Select-Object fullname
$a=$a|ForEach-Object {$_ -replace "FullName=","" }
$a=$a|ForEach-Object {$_ -replace "@{",""}
$a=$a|ForEach-Object {$_ -replace "}",""}
$a|ForEach-Object{[System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo]::GetVersionInfo($_)|Select-Object FileName,ProductVersion}

DumbAss Admins

You know I've been in IT since 98, I've had my dumbass moments, we all have had them. Just admit the frigging mistake so we can work on the solution. You're supposed to be better than those DFUs that we support.

Why is it...

When you're a more senior engineer and someone asks for advise. You give it to them and then they ask a less senior engineer and goes with his solution of installing an older buggy version so he doesn't have to speak with the client on upgrading a piece of software???

Oh yea, the upgrade was $180 and fixes a ton of bugs... Now I'm going back to the client to tell him, yeah you see this 180$ upgrade would have prevented the problem that I just fixed and billed you $185 and the $180 upgrade, plus the previous engineer's time.

Yea, that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy...

My First Friggin Post

Yea, so what. I've got a bad attitude today and decided to start adminontherag. Hell I dunno if i'll keep up with it, but it'll be a great place to vent with no cares in the world.