Tuesday, June 16, 2015

FileMaker 14 Offline Installation - Since FM can't write decent documentation

Purpose:  To assist installing FileMaker 14 offline as it the server doesn’t have access to the internet.

This document assumes the following:
1.      You are attempting to install with the extracted files placed in C:\Filemaker Server 14v2 (see below for instructions)
2.      You have modified Assisted Install.txt (see below for instructions)
3.      You have modified the setup.ini file (see below for instructions)
4.      You have installed the required Application Request Routing Package ref: Application Request Routing 3.0 Stand-alone package (IExpress) x64 (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=47332)

Installing the application from the command line

1.      Open the command prompt
2.      Type cd “C:\Filemaker Server 14v2\files” and press ENTER 
3.      Type setup.exe /V”/log %temp%\FM14InstallLog.log ARRINSTALLED=1” and press ENTER
4.      Click NEXT through the installer and adjust as needed.  Refer to product installation documents as it is outside the scope of this document.
5.      At the completion continue with configuring FileMaker as necessary

How to extract the installation files

1.      Double-Click the installation file assuming fms_14.0.2.226 (version 14v2)
2.      It will extract automatically to a subdirectory of the version name you launched it from I.E. C:\FileMaker Server 14v2
3.      Click Cancel to break the install routine

How to modify the Assisted Install.txt file

               Assuming the directory name C:\FileMaker Server 14v2
1.      Open the file C:\FileMaker Server 14v2\Files\Assisted Install.txt in Notepad
2.      Enter the License information as indicated Name/Organization/License Key
3.      Save and Exit Notepad

How to modify the setup.in file to prevent the download prerequisite

               Assuming the directory name C:\FileMaker Server 14v2
               Assuming the pre-requisite line is PreReq0

1.      Open the file C:\FileMaker Server 14v2\Files\Setup.ini in Notepad
2.      Scroll to the [ISSetupPrerequisites] section
3.      Delete the line that indicates PreReq0=Application Request Routing 3.0 (Download).prq
4.      Delete the line that indicates PreReq0=Common
5.      Save and Exit Notepad


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