Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MDT 2010 - Customizing Application Installs based on option sets

When you're in the consulting business like I am, deploying/repairing/rebuilding systems can be a tedious task.  Especially when you want to have consistency across desktops.  This is why I love MDT 2010 and you should too.

So today I wanted to discuss how I manage one specific installation task to install VMTools on ESX guest OS.  In my case the guest OS is Windows.  I generally like to keep my task sequences simple so by dynamically installing VMTools on the fly it saves me one more step.

A.  You already have a VMtools Install package working
B.  You are running ESX 3.5 (you can port it to a 4.x environment too)

1.  Add a new Install Application task
2.  On the properties page select Install a single Application radial box
3.  Browse to your VMtools installation package and click OK
4.  Click the Options Tab
5.  Check Continue On Error
6.  Add Query WMI
7.  In the WQL query box enter Select * From Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model LIKE "%VMware%"
8.  Image your machine

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