Monday, May 24, 2010

Remember the good old days?

Sure most of us start out as helpdesk engineers. I believe its the easiest way to root out complete tools that are only around to collect a check and have no life desires... Which had me reminiscing about the good old days.

I remember when I had to tell users that it was the right mouse button otherwise secretly known as the right-click. Nowadays people have gotten passed that, but a new level of DFUs have emerged. Now it's explaining which backslash to use, forgive me I never knew there were two backslashes? I always thought there were two distinctly different slashes One (shhh don't tell anyone) is the backslash, you know the one above the enter key and has been there for YEARS. Then there is it's lonesome relative the forward slash (it's that one below the question mark)...

When did all the sudden did people decide this was gonna be the next big thing in dumb user etiquette.

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